Halve your wardrobe and double your outfits

Imagine having an organised, decluttered wardrobe full of clothes you love. Most importantly, outfits that make you feel great AND confident AND you will wear them all the time. 

No more mistake buys or purchases sitting around not being worn. You'll eliminate the 'I have nothing to wear' stress by always having the right outfit for the right occasion. It will be there in your tidy wardrobe waiting for you!

It's so easy to neglect our wardrobe and appearance as our lives change and especially now as we adapt to the Covid-19 crisis. More than ever we need our clothes to give us our power and help us maintain a positive mindset.

The uncertainty has left many of us feeling tired of our outfit choices and no longer like ourselves anymore. Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to rediscover 'you' and sort out your wardrobe once and for all.

You'll learn that what you put into your wardrobe is about so much more than just the clothes. It's about 'you', your needs and your lifestyle. 

This course will teach you how to create YOUR own bespoke stylish wardrobe. One that is full of outfits that make you feel great (and confident) and that is perfectly aligned to your lifestyle whatever your role or budget.

Just imagine how liberating and empowering having a wardrobe that you love and that gives you confidence can be?

What you'll learn in Five weeks

  • The wardrobe transformation tip you won't get from Marie Kondo

  • The three magic ingredients to creating outfits you love and that give you confidence

  • The 'A' list secrets to body confidence

  • My special foolproof formula for creating stylish, ‘put-together’ outfits

  • The skills to shop wisely and get more outfits by spending less money

Ready to feel confident and excited about what you wear?

You are just a click away from creating a decluttered, stylish wardrobe full of outfits you love!

What people say about working with Sally

'I was rather terrified of the whole styling experience but working with Sally was a delight'

Harriet Minter

'As someone who hates shopping and continually feels as though the high street simply doesn’t make clothes to fit me, I was rather terrified of the whole styling experience but working with Sally was a delight. She helped me work out what I needed and what I already had that I could use differently. I have a mountain of new clothes, all within budget and have had nothing but compliments since. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

'Sally has a talent for making people feel good about themselves'

Liz Watt

'Sally really enthused and inspired the attendees with her practical and realistic suggestions. Everyone was very engaged from the start, and Sally has a talent for making all the delegates feel good about themselves, opening their eyes to styling possibilities they hadn't previously thought of, or thought possible!'

'My wardrobe has now got a massive refresh and I can’t wait to go shopping'

Melanie Rockcliffe

'Sally helped me to have a think about what I was lacking in my wardrobe and put together a great selection of clothes that I can mix and match! My wardrobe has now got a massive refresh and I can’t wait to go shopping'

'I would highly recommend Sally'

Sarah Donaghey

'Sally advised on how to feel confident by making a few effective wardrobe changes. With a great eye for detail and an understanding of the constraints of life, I would highly recommend Sally'

'I can honestly say that I am more confident in how I look, and I have saved a lot of money'

Emily Overman

I thoroughly recommend Sally. She has a great eye and instinctively knows how to update your look in a way that is somehow still ‘you’. But a better version of you. Having been shopping with her several times over the last few years I can honestly say that I am more confident in how I look, and I have saved a lot of money -I no longer make the impulse buys that don’t get worn, and everything I have in my wardrobe works in multiple outfits. What’s more, for me we’ve focused on high street shops and I’ve been amazed at how much great stuff I have been able to get without blowing the budget, and how much I’ve worn all the pieces. So it’s definitely a more sustainable way to shop too

'Sally helped me to find items that go together effortlessly and made me feel confident and professional.''

Kate Platenova

'Sally helped me to find items that go together effortlessly made me feel confident and professional. Sally helped me hone my style by building a look that was very ‘me’, but a little more adventurous and polished then before. I would highly recommend Sally’s services to anyone who values their time and wants to invest in looking and feeling effortlessly chic.'

'Sally is brilliant at helping you develop your style (instead of imposing one on you) and great at putting things together.'

K Oliver

I also highly recommend Queen Bee Styling - having now had two sessions with Sally ruthlessly overhauling my wardrobe - I am hooked! This is a great service for anyone who has tons of clothes but still feels like they have nothing to wear, or anyone trying to get themselves looking and feeling good again having gone through kids/maternity leave/leggings and big jumpers etc. Sally is brilliant at helping you develop your style (instead of imposing one on you) and great at putting things together. She has got me enjoying shopping again and has really helped me think about what to buy - things which actually go with other things, and has identified what's lacking in my wardrobe. She has a great eye and virtually all of the recommendations she's made to me, I've ended up buying and really liking. She's also really good at picking out stuff at all price points - whether from Top Shop or Miu Miu (one can dream). Highly recommended

'I'm now much more confident in how I dress. It is a wonderful feeling compared to where I was before.'

Meg Lyons

'..I now have some really nice outfits and feel so much happier in the morning getting ready. I’ve had to do a few presentations at work recently and have felt much more confident about myself because of feeling good in my clothes. It is a wonderful feeling compared to where I was before. Another bonus of working with Sally is that she stretches me to think differently about my look but in a way that is authentic for me – the clothes she chooses are still “me”, but just a modern and updated better version..'

About your teacher

Hi, I'm Sally Smy, I'm a Personal Stylist and the founder of Queen Bee Styling. I had a successful 18 year career in fashion buying working for leading high street retailers before setting up my styling business 10 years ago.

I'm recommended on The Parenting and Professional panel of experts as well as being a partner of Capability Jane Recruitment. I work one-to-one with clients as well as running workshops and speaking at many women's networks.

Like many women, children, work, and life meant that, over time, I started to neglect my appearance, which affected my confidence and mindset.  Despite working in fashion, I struggled with my image after the birth of my first child, and one day I woke up no longer feeling like ‘me’ anymore.

Getting my image back on track and feeling happy in how I looked worked wonders for me, and now I use my skills to help others do the same.

In this course I share the knowledge I have gained by helping hundreds of women to simplify their wardrobes and create an abundance of outfits they feel fabulous and confident in. 


  • What value will I recieve?

    You will have a stylish, organised wardrobe full of clothes you love and confidence boosting outfits. You’ll have tons more outfit choices, items you can mix and match and clothes that work for your lifestyle. Long term my clients have secured job roles, achieved promotion and been more outgoing as a result of having their style transformed. Clients often tell me they feel like ‘me’ again and are able to express themselves once more.

  • Is it worth the investment?

    Investing in help with your style is no different to having support in other areas of your life where you are time poor and it will change your life for the better. The beneficial effect of being confident in our image has a powerful impact on every part of our lives. I guarantee it will save you time AND money in the long run!

  • I’m not the sort of person who ever needed help with my style before?

    Choosing to invest in your style shows that you care about how you look. This is the chance to feel great in how you dress and reignite your love of clothes.

  • I'm concerned that styling is a frivolous luxury?

    If you are not happy with your image how can it be frivolous to make yourself happy by asking for support? Feeling positive in how you look is about so much more than just the clothes. You'll also save time and money in the long run.

  • How much time will the course take?

    This course is designed with step by step weekly tasks and that will transform your wardrobe in just five weeks. You will have long term access to all the modules so can take them at your leisure if you want.

  • I don't have much in my wardrobe. Can I skip the decluttering bit of the course?

    Think of it like redecorating a room. Would you just add new things in and leave the rest as it is? Not likely. Instead you would curate and keep the bits you love, then update these with new colours and styles. That's how styling works. Understanding your unique styles and stripping out deadwood is key to creating a wardrobe that works hard for you.

  • How much does the course cost?

    The course costs £249 but you can grab an early bird discount you can book it for just £199!

Create a stylish, decluttered wardrobe full of clothes you love!